By now, you’ve likely already set your production goals for the year and begun tracking your team’s performance against those projections. When you see someone falling behind, what’s your next move?

Managing your mortgage team’s performance is like a game of chess. If you’re a casual player, you may recognize when one of your pieces is in a vulnerable position, but that doesn’t mean you can do much about it. With only a few moves in your arsenal, you’re relying on trial-and-error more than strategy. Winning this way requires a lot of luck — or an equally inexperienced competitor.

LimeGear's business intelligence makes you a performance management pro. Just as the great chess masters consider each piece on the game board to plan their attack, LimeGear gives you the business insights you need to get the most out of each team member. When your team makes all the right moves, you can win against even the toughest competition.

In this blog post, I cover three powerful features within LimeGear’s Performance module that will help you manage your mortgage team's performance like a chess master:

  1. Role-based scorecards
  2. KPI Insights dashboard
  3. Employees Ranked by KPI report

Let's dive in.

Use scorecards to see how individuals measure up to defined expectations

Maybe you’ve noticed one of your LOs is underperforming, or they've come to you for help because they know they’re falling short of their goals. Your first stop is the LO Scorecard, where you can see at a glance how the LO ranks among her peers for volume, units, and weighted score. The weighted score is based on the preconfigured, role-based KPIs most important to your company. Rankings are helpful, but they don’t always tell the full story, so our scorecards also provide historical context around production.

LimeGear Loan Originator Scorecard YTD

LimeGear offers scorecards for all kinds of roles, including LOAs, processors, underwriters, and closers. There’s even a branch scorecard that shows how your branch stacks up against others.


Place individual performance in a team context

Our next stop is the KPI Insights dashboard, which shows individual performance in the context of your full team. Think of this as your opportunity to consider the entire chessboard before you make your move. The scatterplot makes it easy to see where each team member’s performance falls across five performance bands ranging from poor to excellent. Outliers may suggest opportunities for performance improvement.

LimeGear KPI-Insights Report with shadow


Understand how performance is trending over time

Last but not least, visit the Employees Ranked Per KPI report for a trended view of performance data. For each KPI, see how a team member’s rank has changed relative to their peers and view a graph that shows at a glance how performance has improved or declined over time.

LimeGear Employees Ranked per KPI - LO Units Funded per Month - Shadow

When performance isn’t going to plan, it can be hard to pinpoint the root cause of the problem. LimeGear helps you turn data into action with highly visual, intuitive business insights that make your next move crystal clear.  Check out this video for a quick guided tour of these three features in action.  

LimeGear Performance Module with Chris Gassel_Subtitles


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