Mortgage banks and other mortgage lending institutions need the right solutions for their unique needs. That means mortgage companies can't just select a business intelligence platform that's generic and hope it'll work for what they need to do. They require reports and analytics that are specific to the mortgage industry. 

So, how does a lender choose a BI solution that works for them? Fortunately, there's a solution for companies looking to gain a competitive advantage through a mortgage business intelligence platform. Here's what to look for.

Choosing a Mortgage Business Intelligence Platform that Suits your Needs

No two mortgage companies operate exactly the same. Those differences make it important for lenders to be able to tailor BI tools to their specific needs. The more they can adjust the way they collect and compile data analytics to suit their needs, the better off they'll be in getting good information they can rely on to make rapid, effective business decisions. For maximum benefit, a mortgage BI solution should be capable of delivering real-time insight in the following areas:

Measuring Business Performance

LimeGear Performance AAG Dashboard

Performance needs to be measured on an ongoing basis. With the real-time data provided by a mortgage technology platform, it's faster and easier than ever to see how the company is performing from the enterprise level down to the individual branch.

Armed with this information, operations managers can quickly catch areas where there are problems, so adjustments can be made to increase the efficiency of the company and the value to its customers.



Solving Poor Pipeline Management

LimeGear Pipeline Kanban

If the mortgage pipeline isn't flowing smoothly, that's a real problem. Market data can change rapidly, and that means that home prices, interest rates, and requirements can all fluctuate. People who apply for a mortgage want to move through the process and close on the property quickly, so they can move in and enjoy it. 

Mortgage companies that don't have a good analytics platform may have a hard time identifying and resolving the issues that are creating pipeline bottlenecks, and that can harm their clients and their reputation in the mortgage business.

Managing Team Performance & Incentives

LimeGear KPI-Insights Report

The performance of a mortgage company may be directly tied to its ability to move things down the pipeline, but the performance of every individual at that company should also be tracked. That can lead to offers of incentives for those who are efficient, on-task, and thorough in what they do. 

The best-performing employees should be rewarded, and a cloud-based set of BI tools for the mortgage industry makes discovering those employees, gauging their performance, and incentivizing them much easier. And by identifying which employees aren’t meeting expectations, managers can provide additional coaching or reallocate resources as needed.

Boosting Revenue & Profitability

LimeGear Production Turn Time Insight

The right mortgage business intelligence tools help companies boost revenue and profitability. These tools make operations more efficient, resulting in improved turn times, client satisfaction, and market share. The better a mortgage company runs, the higher that company's chances of stronger revenue and better profitability numbers.

But without the ability to collect, track and analyze data that are specific to the mortgage market, it's much more difficult for any mortgage company to see where changes need to be made in order to move their revenue to the next level. The right BI tools put everything needed for boosting profitability right at lenders’  fingertips.

Close the Gaps in Your Mortgage Data

Gaps in data can easily mean a drop in efficiency for any mortgage company. But with a cloud-based system for data analytics, it's easy for a mortgage company to see all the information they need about the market and their clients in real-time. When they can do that, they can stay ahead of what the market demands and keep up with their competition. Being efficient is vital for mortgage lenders and servicers that want to continue to grow, as a lack of efficiency can easily send clients elsewhere.

LimeGear Business Intelligence Platform Combines all of These in One

Mortgage companies that want a thorough, trusted mortgage technology platform choose LimeGear. Why? Because it's the BI solution for the mortgage lending industry. 

Tailored to lenders, LimeGear offers actionable intelligence to help mortgage banks do more in the marketplace. There's no better option when it comes to BI tools that are specific to the mortgage business.

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