Zero Client Attrition – it’s every company’s dream, but not an easy feat.

Thanks to our suite of innovative systems that help our clients improve efficiency, reduce expenses and optimize their operations – not to mention our top-notch team of developers, client support specialists, solutions consultants, and all-around all-stars – we’re proud to say that we’ve had zero client attrition since the company’s inception.

What has made this possible is having a firm understanding of our users’ pain points and delivering a remedy to their specific needs.

One of the biggest challenges clients come to us to help solve is improving efficiency in managing loan originator (LO) compensation. The lack of other robust, mortgage-specific compensation platforms on the market has left lenders searching for a solution that can reduce processing times, eliminate manual workarounds and deliver real-time compensation stats to motivate and incentivize sales staff. For Nations Lending Corporation, that solution was CompenSafe, which helped them cut compensation processing time by 85%.

For other lenders, like First Community Mortgage, growth can be a blessing and challenge, especially when it requires a corresponding increase in sales staff. At a certain point, lenders are forced to decide whether to also increase staff in their payroll/accounting department to manage the growing number of comp plans under their purview or go in a different direction. First Community Mortgage opted for difference and chose to automate with CompenSafe, resulting in improved payroll efficiency and accuracy.

Once lenders do decide to automate, they usually want to do so quickly, and none more so than NTFN, who was looking to replace its proprietary commission system with a more flexible platform that could offer better reporting and world-class support. Always up for a challenge, the LBA Ware team was able to get NTFN up-and-running in just 60 days.

Ultimately, LO and operational staff compensation is part of a larger issue for many lenders – branch management. While most lenders have a big picture view of profitability and productivity, getting to the branch-level perspective can be challenging. Thanks to CompenSafe’s seamless LOS integrations, advanced reporting functionality and LO and branch scorecards, Envoy Mortgage was able to use the platform as a branch management in a box to provide improved visibility into branch revenues and employee profitability.

Of course, these are just a few of the many reasons why mortgage lenders that pick LBA Ware stick with LBA Ware. Our Testimonials page is full of quotes from the industry’s leading lenders about how LBA Ware and CompenSafe are helping their organizations maximize their return on individual.

If you’re ready to join our growing group of satisfied customers, we’re ready to help you for the long-term. Contact us today to get started.

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