Across the board, lenders are reporting that the cost to originate a loan is up, profit margins are down and the competition for loan originator (LO) talent is brutal. The fact is that because of automation, profit margins are only going to continue to get more competitive. So much so, that lenders who are not investing in efficiency-enhancing technology can start counting down the days until they must close their doors.

In a scenario that looks grim to some, savvy lenders see an opportunity to solve for multiple pain points while streamlining operations. Technology that eliminates the need for unwieldy and confusing compensation spreadsheets is here, but not all software solutions are created equal. The successful modernization of a lending office requires reliable, user-friendly solutions that seamlessly integrate with your current technology platforms. 

Here are the top 10 things you should look for in an automated compensation management platform:


Top-10-reasons-to-use-CompenSafe_Reliable-150x150-11. Accessibility

It’s 2018. Any compensation management platform you invest in should be web-based and accessible 24/7 from any device. Look for a platform with a specialized design for mobile use so that loan originators and branch managers can get quick and easy access to compensation, loan pipeline, scorecards and projections.


Top-10-reasons-to-use-CompenSafe_One-Stop-Shop-150x150-12. One-Stop Shop

Is it more than just a commission software? A compensation management platform should integrate with your other systems and be able to transform your data into powerful insights, delivering pipeline reports, scorecards, projections and more without having to log in to your LOS.


Top-10-reasons-to-use-CompenSafe_User-Friendly-150x150-13. User-Friendly

What good is a technology platform that turns accessing essential information into a scavenger hunt? An intuitive and user-friendly platform is a must in today’s market so that all commission-based employees have complete transparency into how their compensation is calculated.


Top-10-reasons-to-use-CompenSafe_Real-Time-Calculation-150x150-14. Real-Time Calculation

Loan originators love same-day commission calculations. Look for a compensation solution that will help keep your staff happy by sending email alerts to loan originators when their commission is ready to be viewed.


Top-10-reasons-to-use-CompenSafe_In-Process-Marketing-150x150-15. In Process Marketing

Borrowers who are not proactively updated about the status of their loan’s progress have significantly lower satisfaction with the overall lending process according to a recent report by the STRATMOR Group. Look for a compensation platform that keeps both agents and borrowers up to date on the status of the loan with milestone marketing emails sent throughout the origination process.


Top-10-reasons-to-use-CompenSafe_Scorecards-150x150-16. Scorecards

Look for a compensation platform that also provides you with insights into productivity and performance metrics at the loan originator, account executive, branch, region and corporate levels.


Top-10-reasons-to-use-CompenSafe_Robust-Reporting-System-150x150-17. Robust Reporting System

An excellent compensation platform will let you visualize your data in many different ways with reports that range from loan activity pipelines, production volumes to compensation rankings to survey results, plus so much more.


Top-10-reasons-to-use-CompenSafe_Sales-Activity-Management-150x150-18. Sales Activity Management

Your loan pipeline begets your compensation, right? Look for a compensation solution that offers your loan originators valuable tools that help them track marketing and sales activity with prospective borrowers, past clients, realtors and referral partners.


Top-10-reasons-to-use-CompenSafe_Projections-150x150-19. Volume Projections

Expect your compensation platform to allow you to submit monthly loan unit and volume production projections and track those projections side-by-side with the actual results.


Top-10-reasons-to-use-CompenSafe_Surveys-150x150-110. Borrower & Agent Surveys

Find a platform that automatically sends surveys to borrowers and agents after loans close and fund, then tracks the results for you to view in the report directory.


If you are ready to put a compensation and performance management solution into play that meets all of these criteria plus more, then you are ready for CompenSafe. Don’t just take our word for it. Juan Benitez from Envoy Mortgage gives his top 10 reasons to use CompenSafe in this infographic:


Contact us today to learn how CompenSafe can deliver your lending organization a transformation that will have an outsized impact on your profit margins.