Macon Startup Week is here! As a former start-up ourselves – and Startup Week participant –
this is a celebration that is near and dear to us. It provides us an opportunity to reflect on our origins, which, as one would expect, are closely tied to those of our founder, Lori Brewer.

Upon the conclusion of their military service, Lori and her husband were faced with the decision of where to establish their post-military lives. Having previously lived in Central Georgia and an existing professional relationship with a mortgage lender in the area, Lori and her husband chose to put down what they thought would be temporary roots in Macon.

How wrong they were. It’s been 15 years since The Brewers made the decision to move to Macon, and it’s one they’ve yet to regret.

“Macon really offers the best of both worlds. The city has a strong cultural scene, with plenty of events and things to do, while remaining small enough to avoid ‘big city’ issues, like traffic,” Lori explains. “It has been the perfect place to raise a family. Plus, with Mercer University and Georgia College as talent feeds, it’s been the best location to build our business.”

That business is LBA Ware, which Lori founded in 2008 to deliver innovation and business process optimization to community banks and independent mortgage lenders – a goal which also speaks to Lori’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for technology.

“I’m a problem solver at heart. I like to write code, organize data, and create solutions. I learned early on that if you are a good listener and can solve problems for companies, you can build quite a fulfilling career for yourself,” she explains. “I love the fact that I’m wholly responsible for the creation of LBA Ware. When I get up in the morning, I’m excited to go to the office. If I worked for someone else, I don’t think my motivation level would be this high.”

To give back to the city that has given both Lori and LBA Ware so much, Lori will be participating in the Startup Week lunch panel, Put Your Best Tech Forward, at the Armory Ballroom on Tuesday, April 11 from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm.

Admission is free, and to register to attend the panel, or any of the Startup Week events, click here.

About Macon Startup Week
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