There are two parts to the compensation equation; one is how compensation is determined based on production tracked in your loan origination system (LOS), and two, how compensation is dispensed for payroll. Unfortunately, in most lending organizations, there really isn't a bridge between the two.

We like to say that CompenSafe sits between your LOS and payroll system, automating and handling all the intricacies of compensation calculations, draw recovery, reporting, and record keeping. Loan originators, processors, branch managers, sales managers and all others paid on their production (or the production of their teams) value the ability to see their commissions and bonuses transparently calculated in real-time. There is no better reward than to complete a big deal and be able to log in to see how much that deal has added to your bottom line. No one wants to wait for a bi-monthly spreadsheet to be emailed out to see their commissions tallied. With CompenSafe, there is no wait!

At LBA Ware, our goal with CompenSafe is to have compensation calculated each day as the loans close and fund. Our integration with the mortgage industry's leading LOS platforms are seamless and the calculated transactions are easily migrated to your payroll system without any dual data entry or manual manipulation of the data.

We are adding new LOSs, payroll systems, mortgage accounting software, and general ledger systems at a rapid pace. LOSs we tightly integrate with include Ellie Mae’s Encompass, Calyx, Byte, OpenClose, D+H MortgageBot, and PCLender.

Our payroll exports support payroll and accounting software such as, ADP, AllPay, Ceridian, ExponentHR, PayCom, PayChex, Paycor, and Paylocity. With each new lender, we add their payroll system export requirements (without charge) to our export library so that no manual entry is required for posting commissions, bonuses, adjustments, and draw recoveries to your payroll system.

We also supply export files for mortgage accounting software and general ledger systems such as Accounting for Mortgage Bankers (AMB), FIS Bankway, Prologue, and MultiView.

Our top priority is to reduce all compensation related manual entry and human error by applying structure, automation and pre-determined mathematical formulas so that CompenSafe can handle the heavy lifting of commission calculations and your payroll staff doesn’t have to touch a calculator or multi-tabbed spreadsheet!

Want to bridge the gap between your LOS and payroll system? Contact us today to learn more about all the ways in which LBA Ware's suite of solutions helps 1000’s of lenders each day eliminate the use of spreadsheets, reduce inefficient manual processes and increase margins!