It’s an exciting time for the mortgage industry. Exciting in more ways than one. There’s the obvious reason being that the light at the end of the tunnel is a lot brighter and more attainable than it was as few as five years ago; there’s a whole new generation entering the market, which is great for both supply – job candidates – and demand – buyers; and, there’s more resources than ever before being put into creating ways to improve mortgage lending processes and procedures.

Yes, with each of these comes change, and if there’s one thing constant about human nature, it’s that you can always count on there being resistance to change. But, let’s get back to the important point here – there are more resources than ever before being put in to creating and improving mortgage lending processes and procedures. Countless brainpower hours and financial resources are focusing all their energies on developing new ways for mortgage companies to succeed in today’s competitive and regulated market. From ways to recruit all-star teams, to building new toolsets to equip your teams with, to bettering the environment by advocating for digital adoption to decrease the paper trail; it’s all being done with the sheer goal of helping mortgage lenders get their job done in a timely, efficient and client-centric manner.

As the eager-to-help “masters of problem solving,” we’ve created a new on-going blog series, Conquer Complexity: Defuse the Destructive Power of Spreadsheets in Mortgage Lending. Starting on Monday, each week we’ll publish a blog post that focuses on how you can conquer complexity, eliminate the use of spreadsheets, reduce inefficiency, and increase margins!

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