Compensation overrides are at the forefront of what makes a job in loan production management so appealing; it is compensation received in whole or part based on the production of those you manage. Appealing, that is, to high-producing managers; horrifying to payroll departments.

Until now.

CompenSafe simplifies the grueling process of calculating manager compensation with Override Schedules. Override Schedules in CompenSafe let you create custom calculation scenarios that outline exactly how much compensation is paid out, to whom, and when, then automatically calculates the amount each pay period.

Not only is there no limit to the number of Override Schedules you can create in CompenSafe, but there is a whole slew of ways to customize schedules down to the nitty-gritty details. I’ll save these specifics for a live demo and instead focus here on the two primary – and possibly most important – variables of CompenSafe Override Schedules: the production it’s generated by and when it’s paid.

Production Generated By

Regardless of whether the override is for commission or bonus purposes, all overrides are generated based on the production of people other than – or in addition to – one’s own loan production. In CompenSafe, overrides have the option to be calculated based on total loan production generated by:


  • The entire company,
  • An assigned region or geographical area,
  • An assigned branch,
  • A specific branch or branches,
  • A specific employee or team of employees, or
  • Employee(s) assigned to loans in a specific position.

For example, a Branch Manager Override is easily created by selecting My Branch as the Production Generated By factor. Any branch manager assigned to the Override Schedule will receive compensation in an amount that is based on all the loans closed and funded at the branch manager’s branch in the given time period.

Payment Timing

The second primary variable of CompenSafe Override Schedules is Payment Timing. This indicates how often and when the override is calculated and paid out. There is a range of possibilities for when overrides are paid out and is typically directly correlated with the underlying reason for the Override Schedule in the first place.

For instance, a mortgage company that pays employees every two weeks may only want volume-based overrides to be paid out once a month and paid on the first payroll period of the following month. Whereas another mortgage company with the same exact pay schedule and volume-based override may prefer to pay out the override every pay period. For this reason, CompenSafe lets you specify how often the Override Schedule should be calculated and paid out.

For more frequent pay outs, overrides can be every payroll period or every month. Plus, depending on the company’s payroll frequency, you can further select what exact pay period in a month the override is paid (example, first, second, third, etc.) and the time period for which the volume is generated in. CompenSafe’s Override Schedules payment timing can also be set for less frequent pay outs, such as quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Below is a table illustrating all the frequency and timing options you have to choose from in CompenSafe.


In addition to what the override is based on and when it’s paid out, the Override Schedule builder in CompenSafe lets you create tier level criteria, include or exclude certain loan factors such as referral loan sources, and even make an override a shared split. Needless to say, the customization functionality in CompenSafe is endless!

No more excel formulas, no more hunting down compensation plan agreements, and no more questions about why compensation was calculated the way it was because CompenSafe does all the work for you then neatly reports it back to your employees in the web-based user interface.

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